Metal Fixed Braces


What are Fixed Braces?

Fixed braces are what most people think of when you mention orthodontics. Metal fixed braces are a tried and trusted method of straightening teeth and still prove a popular choice among both children and adults. Metal fixed braces are the most visible treatment option that we offer. Our younger patients enjoy customising their braces with bright colours but a more subtle look can be achieved with clear or metallic elastics. Metal braces are a versatile option and can be combined with ceramic brackets or lingual braces on the top teeth to reduce treatment cost while still maintaining low visibility of the braces.

NHS Patients

Patients under the age of 18, and eligible for NHS orthodontic treatment will undergo treatment using metal fixed braces. If you qualify for NHS orthodontic treatment but wish to have a more aesthetic form of treatment you can speak to our Treatment Coordinator at your consultation appointment about our other private options. To learn more about our NHS assessments click here.


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