Initial Consultation

Step one in your Orthodontic journey with Contour Orthodontists! Your initial consultation with one of our experienced Specialist Orthodontists costs £150. This includes a 45 minute clinical assessment, a set of photographs and an x-ray if required. The consultation fee is also deductible from your treatment cost should you decide to go ahead. At your initial appointment with us you will also spend some time with our Treatment Coordinator. They will talk you through all the options you are suitable for and help you choose the right brace for you.

Treatment Planning

This is arguably the most important stage of your treatment. During this time your Specialist Orthodontist will work with your and the team to gather all the information they need about you and your teeth in order to present you with the best custom treatment plan for you.

We will reserve you a records appointment with one of our orthodontic nurses. At this appointment you will have a digital scan taken of your teeth and possibly an X-ray if this was not taken at your initial consultation. Your nurse and Orthodontist will then talk you through what to expect at your following appointments, and what will be involved with your treatment.

Active Treatment

You are ready to have your brace fitted! We call this being in ‘Active Treatment’, meaning that this is the time your smile will begin to change. At this stage your orthodontist will fit you with your chosen brace. This could be attaching your fixed brackets or fitting your first set of aligners. We will teach you how to care for your brace and you will receive everything you need to start your orthodontic journey.

At intervals during your treatment you will need to come in to see us to have your brace adjusted. Your Orthodontist will let you know how frequent these appointments will be depending on your individual needs.

Your Smile & Retention

The big day has arrived! You have worn your last aligner or completed your fixed treatment and are ready to enjoy your new smile. At this appointment your attachments or brackets will be removed. We will take a digital scan o your teeth at this appointment to have your orthodontic retainers made, if worn correctly these will ensure your smile stays straight. Retention is an ongoing part of treatment and we recommend our patients wear their retainers for life to keep their smiles perfect. We provide our private patients with two years of aftercare and will review your result periodically to ensure your retainers are doing their job.

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