What is Dental Monitoring?

Dental Monitoring is an innovative technology that uses AI software to track and monitor orthodontic treatments through a simple, user friendly mobile app and ScanBox. It keeps you connected with your Orthodontist from wherever you might be and saves on unnecessary clinic appointments. Our specialists are currently using this technology for all of our patients, both Private and NHS, to regularly monitor how your smile is progressing so they can plan your next appointment accordingly, this is turn will make your treatment with us as efficient as possible. 

Can I use Dental Monitoring?

We are one of the first Orthodontic practices to offer Dental Monitoring to all of our patients. We see it as a vital part to your orthodontic journey, and your compliance can lead to shorter overall treatment times and less time spent in the dental chair. All you will need to do is download the Dental Monitoring app on your Smartphone and use the ScanBox we provide you with to take regular scans of your teeth. We will set the correct interval for your scans and you will get reminders to scan through the app, so we receive the updates we need on your treatment progress. 

What are the benefits?

Less face to face appointments. This means less time out of school or work to attend orthodontic visits.

Your Orthodontist can monitor your treatment remotely. Therefore they can provide prescriptions for our therapists who can carry out the precise treatment you require without any unnecessary waiting around.

The app allows easy communication between you and the practice. The messaging functions allows you to correspond directly with your Orthodontic Therapist should you have any questions or concerns about your treatment. You can also use the messaging tab to check and reschedule appointments with our reception teams.

You can monitor your own orthodontic journey from home! You can do this using the fun Before/After video link on your app. Regular scanners can view the progress video at any stage during their treatment to see how their smile is changing.

Dental Monitoring pairs perfectly with both fixed and clear aligner treatments. It allows patients to monitor their brace for breakages and provides regular oral hygiene reviews to help you keep on top of your brushing. It also tells aligner patients when to change to their next aligner or when to wear them a bit longer!

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