Dental monitoring allows us to remotely monitor the progress of your treatment. 

At Contour Orthodontists we want our patients to have a seamless and enjoyable journey with us. We are committed to using the latest in orthodontic technologies to improve our patient experience. Our latest tool is Dental Monitoring, which with the use of a simple app, helps make treatment quick and convenient.


How does Dental Monitoring work?

Dental Monitoring uses a simple Smartphone app to keep you connected with your Orthodontist from wherever you might be. Our specialists use this technology to regularly monitor how your teeth are moving between appointments. That way any interim adjustments can be made to maintain your progression, ultimately reducing your time spent at appointments.

Can I use Dental Monitoring?

At the start of your orthodontic treatment we will advise you whether you are a suitable candidate for Dental Monitoring. If you are, all you need to do is download the app on your Smartphone and use the kit we provide you with to take regular photos of your teeth.

Dental Monitoring pairs perfectly with Invisalign treatment, allowing patients to check when they should change to their next aligner without any of the guess work!

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