Our Nursing Team

The key qualities we look for in an orthodontic nurse to join our high performing team is someone who is efficient, kind, reliable, and has a high sense of responsibility. Because of the patient interaction, our nurses have excellent communication skills and a keen sense of detail as well as an appreciation of aesthetic dentistry. Computers and new technology are key to helping us deliver a superior patient journey and experience.

We have a flexible workforce and the role can include working on reception and in decontamination as well as nursing chairside.

Both external and in-house training is provided and encouraged with great potential for career progression within the company. We require all our nurses to be registered with the General Dental Council and hold a recognised Dental Nursing Qualification.

Our Reception Team

The reception team at Contour Orthodontists are vital to the day to day running of our practices. Our receptionists are high performing individuals with excellent communication and teamwork skills.

Key qualities are efficiency, approachability, reliability, and a high sense of responsibility. Our receptionists are the first point of contact for our patients and can be relied upon for their friendly demeanour and ability to communicate efficiently with the patients and the rest of the team. Competency with computers is key to helping us deliver a superior patient journey and experience.


Our Therapists

Orthodontic Therapists are Orthodontic Nurses that have completed a years training with a University alongside on the job training seeing our patients. They work under the direct supervision of a Specialist Orthodontist to carry out routine orthodontic treatment.

There is a very clear path for career progression within our practices. A qualified orthodontic nurse will first need to progress to the role of head nurse to hone their leadership skills as well as showing an aptitude for attention to detail and exemplary patient care. They may then be offered a position on an Orthodontic Therapy course should they possess the required skills for the role.


Our Specialists

It can take 10 years in total to become an Orthodontist!

To become an Orthodontist you must complete the 5 year undergraduate Dental Degree to become a dentist first. Following this you would gain experience by working in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery centres which gives you exposure to complex head and neck surgery and oral surgery with the completion of an exam affiliated to one of the Royal College of Surgeon’s. You can then apply to complete a further 3 years of postgraduate training in a University and Dental Hospital setting. The course gives you the skills to diagnose and prevent problems with the eruption of teeth and positions of the jaws and involves treating orthodontic patients over the three year period. This is finalised with an exam at The Royal College of Surgeons and masters or doctorate viva. 

You then apply to be added to the Specialist List of Orthodontists at the General Dental Council. Only orthodontists who have completed this training and are registered on the Specialist List can call themselves an Orthodontist.

Once an Orthodontist, you can then spend more time learning additional techniques such as lingual braces or clear aligners. In fact we continue to study throughout our career and will attend conferences on an annual basis to keep up with new developments.

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